Top 10 MasterChef recipes

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Have a go at one of our top 10 recipes written by MasterChef winners, including fish from Thomasina Miers, puddings from Shelina Permalloo and picnic snacks from Mat Follas.

Shelina Permalloo’s Thai pork and lime stir fry

porkA gluten- and lactose-free stir fry, chock-a-block with pork, galangal, lemongrass, fresh herbs, and snake beans. Shelina’s recipe involves mincing pork neck fillet and frying it with a garlic, ginger and chilli paste; then adding some vegetables and Thai sauces before tossing through mint and basil.  

Tim Anderson’s Malaysian seafood curry

crabTim Anderson’s exotic curry calls for mussels, cockles, baby squid, softshell crabs, chillies, carrots and coconut milk, and will take you less than half an hour to cook. You’ll also need lime, shallots, garlic, Malaysian spices and a lot of vegetable oil for deep-frying your crabs.

Mat Follas’ scotch eggs

eggThis recipe couldn’t be simpler. Make your own breadcrumbs for maximum crunch, then gently squeeze sausage meat around part-boiled eggs. Dip each of the scotch eggs into a plate of whisked egg, then flour, then the breadcrumbs, and bake in the oven for 30 minutes until golden.

Thomasina Miers’ Mexican aguachile

aguachileThomasina’s ‘aguachile’ is scallops ‘cooked’ in a lime juice, chilli, fish sauce, tequila, cucumber and sugar marinade, served alongside cherry tomatoes, avocado, and fresh herbs. Top with ‘totpos’, which are simply stale tortilla chunks fried in vegetable oil until crisp, and sprinkled with salt.

Dhruv Baker’s Prawn Thai salad with a peanut dressing

saladA fresh and fragrant Thai salad, combining prawns marinated in oyster sauce and palm sugar with red onion, carrot, cabbage, coriander, red chilli, lime juice and garlic. Dhruv makes his own peanut dressing from peanut butter, coconut milk and Thai red curry paste to drizzle over the salad.

Tim Anderson’s Nasi Goreng

nasiThis fried rice dish has its roots based in Indonesia but Tim Anderson has given it a Malaysian spin. The rice is pre-cooked and is best when it's about a day old. This recipe also calls for shallots, kaffir lime leaves, red chilli, oyster mushrooms, eggs, spring onion and smoked mackerel.

Shelina Permalloo’s mango cream cake

cakeShelina was famous for her love of mango. Here she uses it in a sponge cake, the perfect treat for summer days. It’s a moist and fruity cake sandwiched together with a mango purée and double cream filling. There's fresh mango in there too, of course!

Tim Anderson’s mini lychee tart tatin

tartAnother bright and breezy pudding, ideal for when it’s warm outside. This tart is a Malaysian speciality made from puff pastry, with a creamy rambutan and lychee filling. For the last five minutes of baking, Tim drizzles over a caramel made from pineapple juice and coconut milk for an impressive finish.

Mat Follas’ chocolate pikelets

pikeletChocolate, cream and pancake batter is a match made in heaven. All it needs is five simple ingredients for the pancakes, then some double cream and chocolate for a homemade sauce. If you’re using 72% chocolate, you might want to add a little extra sugar to sweeten, as it may be too bitter for children.

Shelina Permalloo’s Chai tiramisu with vanilla and rum

chaiAn Italian 'pick-me-up', laced with Chai masala tea and Mauritian spiced rum. Dust with cocoa powder and sprinkle over crushed pistachios. Use double whipping cream instead of raw egg yolks if you are making this for someone who's pregnant or if you prefer cream.

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