The best and worst foods for hot weather

Charlotte Morgan
by Charlotte Morgan  |  18 July 2014  |   8 comments

What food is enjoyable when the mercury's rising? And what's the worst thing you can eat?

The best and worst foods for hot weather

When it's hot outside, we want something a bit more chilled and refreshing on our plates. Check out our best and worst hot weather foods, then have your say on what you like to eat in the comments box below.

The five BEST hot weather foods

The juiciest of fruits, and one of the most colourful. We think sucking on a wedge of watermelon is even more refreshing than a cold can of fizz, and with a 92% water content it’s a tasty way to rehydrate, too.

Fruity ice, what could be better? Colourful, cooling and easy to make yourself, we like sipping this summer slushie – made with apple juice, beetroot and honey – while lounging in the garden on a deckchair.


The queue for the salad stall at our local food market has never been so big. We want light, healthy, colourful food when it’s weather like this, and the more foliage, the better! Make your own hearty salad for dinner from our top 10 salad recipes.

French baguette
There’s just something about tearing a fresh, crusty baguette, slathering it in melting butter, and enjoying on a tartan rug. It’s simple picnic food, which needs no preparation – and let’s face it, who can be bothered to cook a quiche in this weather?

To let summer go without at least one barbecue every weekend is criminal. There’s room for hot dogs, potato salad, and vegetable skewers too, but nothing is so essential to a BBQ than fat, juicy burgers. Impress barbie guests with your own spiced pork burgers next time.

The five WORST hot weather foods

Warm chocolate, which melts on fingertips and sticks to the wrapping… no, no, no! It’s a surefire way to headache city, and we all know that chocolate is best enjoyed chilled, when you get that lovely ‘snap’ sound with every bite.

Jacket potatoes
Cold new potato salad, yes; hot jacket potatoes, no. Because potatoes have such a high water content, they’re scalding hot when they come out of the oven; not what you want when you’re desperately trying to cool down. Plus they’re far too filling for frolicking around in the garden.
The poor pie man at our local food market has no customers to serve… they’re all down the salad stall! Whacking great big pies are too hot, filling and stodgy for summer. But then again, a wee pork pie (served cold, of course) in your picnic hamper is just the ticket.

I recently had a heated debate with someone about this. I was staggered by this young man’s craving for curry (and vindaloo at that) when we’d spent the whole day melting outside, whereas he said the weather never affects his appetite for spicy foods. I remain amazed.
Bit of a controversial one, this. The sound of the kettle has all but vanished from our office – we all think drinking boiling liquids in the blistering heat is madness. But some say tea with one sugar is the most rehydrating drink you can have… personally, I prefer my tea iced in summer.

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