6 surprisingly brilliant supermarket foods for Christmas 2019

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What is Christmas without a bit of fun?

Supermarkets love keeping us on our toes every festive season, adding bigger, better and more bonkers creations to their Christmas ranges every year. We’ve seen Christmas tree-flavoured crisps (Iceland, we’re looking at you) and a Heston from Waitrose hidden orange Christmas pudding so desired some customers were trying to sell it on eBay for double the price. Thankfully, this year is no different, so here are our favourite weird and wonderful supermarket Christmas foods we’ll definitely end up buying.

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1. Tesco Finest Black Forest Christmas tree pots

If classic Christmas puddings and traditional desserts are not up your street, these Christmas tree pots are perfect to finish the Christmas dinner with a bang. A take on Black Forest gateau, the edible pots made from chocolate are filled with black cherry compote, Belgian chocolate mousse and cookie crumb. The pots are then topped with a chocolate Christmas tree, red lustred malt balls and a silver shimmer. The cute pots are available as a set of four for £8, so are ideal if you're looking to serve individual desserts.

Tesco Finest Black Forest chocolate plant pots

2. M&S Collection Ho Ho Ho handcrafted sausage rolls

Pretty much everyone loves a sausage roll and one way to make it festive is to have it spell out Santa's signature catchphrase. The festive sausage rolls will be available as a cute trio in the store's food to go aisles from 11 December and can also be pre-ordered for collection as an 18-roll party food set (£10). The handcrafted rolls are made from an all-butter puff pastry and are filled with seasoned sausage meat. 

M&S Ho Ho Ho sausage rollsM&S

3. Sainsbury’s Rudy the Reindeer chocolate cake

This festive season's most charming reindeer, Sainsbury's Rudy holds a sweet surprise inside. Layers of chocolate sponge are filled and covered with chocolate-flavoured frosting and hand-finished with chocolate antlers, and sugar-paste eyes and nose. The big surprise, however, comes when the cake is sliced opened – the hidden centre is filled with shortcake snowballs. Available to order for collection before Christmas, the cake serves 16 and costs £10.

Sainsbury's Rudy the Reindeer chocolate cake

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4. Waitrose & Partners No.1 pork & pancetta Christmas cracker

The sausage roll to trump all sausage rolls, this mega Christmas cracker from Waitrose & Partners' top range No.1 is filled with British outdoor-bred pork, smoky pancetta, cranberries and sage and onion stuffing. It's then wrapped up in an all-butter puff pastry that's rolled and folded to more than 200 layers to give the pastry its signature flaky texture. The giant cracker costs £6.99 and will be enough to serve 10, although we're pretty sure everyone will come back for seconds.

Waitrose & Partners No.1 pork crackerWaitrose & Partners

5. ASDA elf really creamy ice cream

This has to be the most festive ice cream we've ever seen. The green raspberry-flavoured ice cream incorporates swirls of white candyfloss ice cream and a red raspeberry compote, all decorated with festivi mini candy cane shapes on top. The elf-inspired treat costs £2 for a 900ml tub and is already available to buy.

ASDA Elf ice creamASDA

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6. Aldi two-metre long pig in blanket

Pigs in blankets is undoubtedly a Christmas staple, but if you prefer your food bigger and better, Aldi has a supersized pig in blanket just for you. Measuring exactly two metres long (6ft 5in) in length, the giant pig in blanket is the biggest sausage-in-bacon treat available this year, according to Aldi. Part of the supermarket's Specialbuys range, the pig in blanket will be available in-store from 5 December and will set you back just £4.99. You'll have to be quick to snap one up though as it'll only be available while stocks last.

Aldi two-metre long pig in blanket


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