James Martin's best-ever dinner recipes

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Whip up one of these top dishes from TV chef James Martin

Best known as the former host of BBC cooking show Saturday Kitchen and now fronting ITV's James Martin’s Saturday Morning, cheeky Yorkshireman James Martin has worked in food all his life and has a huge bank of recipes to his name. Here are some of our favourites.

Salmon tart

Tinned salmon is an amazing store cupboard ingredient to rustle up the quickest of suppers. In this recipe, it's combined with baby leeks, cheddar, onion and thyme in a simple and hearty tart. Tuck in while it’s still warm and if there are any leftovers, store in the fridge and have for lunch the next day.

salmon tartTorriPhoto/Shutterstock

Chicken and wild mushroom pie

A creamy and fragrant chicken and mushroom pie is pure comfort food. Use legs, thighs, breast or the whole bird – the quality of the chicken is more important than the cut. First poach and shred the meat, stir into sautéed onions, mushrooms, cream, wine and tarragon, then assemble your pie to bake.

Pan-fried duck breast

Wow your friends by dishing up this pan-fried duck breast in sweet, sticky pomegranate sauce. It's slightly more technical than some of James Martin’s other recipes and you'll need to prepare the sauce from scratch. However, it looks stunning when plated with watercress and the effort put in is well worth the final result.

pan-fried duck breastJuraj Kovac/Shutterstock

Tagliatelle with salmon

Rustle up this seriously easy pasta dish for a light and fresh midweek meal. Tinned salmon, creamy crème fraîche, sweet crunchy peas, spinach and tangy parmesan make a winning combo. Plus, you might already have most of these ingredients in the kitchen so you don’t need to make a last-minute dash to the shops.

Beef fillet with bacon and mushroom purée

Treat yourself to this beef fillet with mushroom purée when you have a hankering for something a little indulgent. The cep mushroom sauce is really earthy, creamy and umami-rich which works perfectly with a hunk of top-quality beef. Jerusalem artichokes with crispy chopped bacon make for a side that’s lighter than a potato dish, yet more decadent than wilted greens.

beef fillet with mushroom pureesvariophoto/Shutterstock

Sesame tiger prawns

This dish packs a punch. Juicy tiger prawns are dipped in hot English mustard and sesame seeds, then fried until golden brown. A zesty salad of quick-pickled cucumbers, coriander and lettuce, drizzled in a chilli, ginger and lime dressing, makes the perfect accompaniment.

Mushroom soup with coriander cress

Sautéed field mushrooms are puréed with cream and butter to make this soup super velvety. It’s poured over cooked wild mushrooms – chanterelle, cep, trompette, girolle or oyster are great – for another layer of texture and flavour. Finish with a few snippets of coriander, cress and chervil.

mushroom soupThe Mushroom Bureau/loveFOOD

Salmon croquettes

These salmon croquettes have a crisp breadcrumb shell and a fluffy potato and flaky salmon centre. It's a great recipe to make with kids – they’ll love getting stuck into mixing the salmon and mashed potato, forming little cylinders and coating them in beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. Served with sweet chilli jam and watercress.

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