Our top 5 Sunday roasts

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Wondering what meat to serve the family this weekend? Look no further - we've rounded up our five best roast dishes for you.

The star player in a traditional Sunday lunch is the roast meat. But which meat do you pick? Do you always pick the same? With our pick of the five best recipe roasts maybe you can try something new or add a twist to your usual choice?

1. Ross Lewis' rib of beef

Starting with the nation's number one favourite roast beef. A good butcher will help with this recipe, Ross Lewis adds a new twist by also using a rib of beef,  ox cheek and tongue and adding in a fabulous mix of sides to go with it. The result is a robust and earthy reflection of beef. The smoked champ really brings the bold flavours of the three cuts of Angus together.

Read Ross' recipe for rib of beef.

2. Bruce Poole's roast chicken

Bruce says "Who doesn’t like roast chicken? It is simply unsurpassed in all its straightforward deliciousness and the fact that it is a relative doddle to cook just cements its place very near the top of the all-time favourite dishes list."

Read Bruce's recipe for roast chicken

3. River Café roast pigeon

Something a little different from the traditional and suitable if there is only a small Sunday gathering. From the River Cafe founders Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray, who say "The meat of young reared pigeons, known as piccioni, is both tender and full of flavour, whose flesh is dark in colour with a flavour both gamey and like liver." However, good wood pigeons are not always easy to source, one place is Allens of Mayfair who sell wonderful wood pigeons online.

Read the River Café recipe for roast pigeon

4. The Hairy Bikers’ roast belly pork

Their recipe for a juicy, flavour-bursting roast pork belly is livened up with sweet apple and sage.

Succulent and tender, British pork is one of our prime food favourites and also generally a cheaper cut, compare using Mysupermarket to ensure you get the best price. Using the meat’s natural juices to create a gravy with scrumptious English cider – this dish also makes a crunchly crackling to serve with the thickly sliced pork. 

Read The Hairy Bikers’ recipe for roast belly of pork

5. Cowdray Farm's roast lamb

The Cowdray Farm Shop shared their take on the best way to roast a sholder of lamb. This is one of their favourite dishes due to the the 2 day marinating and long, slow cooking time, which guarantees an extremely moist, deliciously flavoured meat.  The balsamic vinegar adds a wonderful glaze to the meat and perfectly complements the richness of the lamb.

Read the recipe for Cowdray's roast shoulder of lamb

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