Kerstin Rodgers tells us about her supper club

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'So far, I've had no axe murderers' says Kerstin Rodgers about the guests at her Underground Restaurant. See more in our exclusive interview

We meet supper club restauranteur and original punk Kerstin Rodgers, to hear her philosophy on cooking, eating and inviting complete strangers to sit down to dinner in her house. Kerstin founded possibly the first UK supper club, ‘The Underground Restaurant’, in 2009 when she and a friend put the word out on her food blog. It has since gone on to become a full-time business.

She serves pescetarian cooking, all made from scratch on her Aga. She has also written a book which features not only recipes but also advice on how to start your own supper club. On setting up a supper club her advice is ‘just do it’ and who knows, it could end up as a viable little food business for you too.

If you want to try some of Kerstin’s recipes, well then look no further.

Kerstin Rodgers' Mustard and cheese on smoked haddock

Kerstin Rodgers' Marigold bread rolls

Kerstin Rodgers' giant pavlova

Kerstin Rodgers' baby pumpkin masala

Kerstin Rodgers' Indian salsa


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