Top five fish recipes from around the world

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Fed up of fish finger sandwiches? Then go global with your next fish dish.

Steam it, fry it, bake it, eat it raw… fish is a very versatile ingredient. But how experimental are you with its flavour? Be brave and try one of our top five fish dishes from around the world.


Sweet, succulent red mullet never needs more than a quick pan-fry. Jose Pizarro lets the fish speak for itself in his red mullet recipe (pictured above), serving it simply with thyme potatoes and an olive pureé. Jose’s top tip: the bigger the mullet, the tastier it will be – each fillet should weigh at least 100g.



Allegra McEvedy’s moqueca (seafood stew) is as funky as a fish dish gets. Gently marinate chunky fish steaks in lime, coriander and garlic, and then poach alongside prawns in a blend of coconut milk, chilli and tomatoes. Perfect food for friends.


Stuff a whole fish with a complex array of spices, seal it an earthenware pot, and bury it in the ground to cook naturally. Or, for an easy life, make Anjali Pathak’s authentic spiced stuffed sea bass with a little Patak’s Tikka Masala Paste, fresh curry leaves and a good old fashioned oven. 


Rather like us Brits with our fish ‘n chips, Raymond Blanc’s oh-so-sustainable pollock fillet grenobloise is a national favourite in France. The pan-fried fillet is served on a bed of pomme puree and comes drizzled with a parsley sauce.

nasi Malaysian

Put simply, Tim Anderson’s Nasi goring with smoked mackerel is a stir-fry with an omelette on top. Lime leaves, Malaysian rice and a chilli sauce make it a little more complex, but it’ll still be on your table in less than half an hour.

…Or if we haven’t won you over with our fancy fish ideas, stick to what you know with a good old-fashioned British fish pie.


Remember: when buying fish, look for bright clear eyes; a shiny skin; rich red gills; and the smell of clean water – fresh fish should not smell fishy!


Have you picked up any interesting fish dishes from your travels?

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