The rise of locally-sourced meat

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Most UK carnivores prefer to eat meat and poultry sourced from home, a new survey has found.

A YouGov SixthSense report found that 59% of us are patriotic in our meat choices, choosing UK-sourced meat and poultry over imported kinds.

It concluded that ‘the origin of the food’ is the key consideration for the majority of us when it comes to buying meat. In fact, nearly half (48%) of us prefer to buy locally-sourced meat where possible, and a quarter of us are happy to pay more as a result.

Although most of us buy our lamb chops and the like from major supermarkets, one in five of us do make an effort to buy meat and poultry at a butcher, or somewhere similarly independent, in order to get our hands on locally-reared products.

Over to you, supermarkets

Nearly half (45%) of us think supermarkets should make more of an effort to sell locally sourced foods, 40% think supermarkets should sell more foods produced within the UK, and 31% claim that they would buy more locally-sourced foods at the supermarket if they knew it was available.

Why do people want to buy locally sourced meat? Well, apparently 79% of us believe locally-sourced foods support the local economy, and 50% think it’s better quality because it hasn’t ‘travelled’ as far. Nearly a third of us would be more inclined to eat at a restaurant or pub that has locally-sourced food on its menu.

What do you think? Do you buy local or go global? Share your thoughts in the Comments box below.

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