Top five vegetarian pie recipes

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Everyone loves a good pie, but if you're a veggie it can be hard to find a decent recipe. Good thing we've done all the hard work for you this time, then!

The bourguig-not one

Like beef bourguignon, but without the beef and (some say) even better. The richness of the red wine mushroom sauce makes up for the meat, and pickling onions gives bourguignonne pie (pictured above) a tangy hit.

The boozy one

pieA proper adult pie, this boozy mushroom option oozes with a rich ale sauce and is packed full of chestnut mushrooms and floury potato chunks. Apparently it’s super popular in Northumbria and Lincolnshire, and should be served with champ for best results.

The nutty one

pieProtein-rich nuts always give a meal a kind of meatiness. Nicola Graimes’ hearty pie tosses cashews and ground almonds with a medley of mushrooms, thyme, garlic and a slosh of sherry for the perfect Sunday lunch veggie option. The carnivores will be eyeing your plate up...

The Marmite one

pieQuorn: veggies, you either love it or hate it. If you’re the former, we insist you try this colourful Mediterranean pie, chock-a-block with red and yellow peppers, courgettes and, of course, chunks of Quorn, all encased in a rich tomato sauce. And if you don't like Quorn, try using tofu or cashew nuts instead.

The sweetie pie one

pieMmm… you’ve got to love creamy, sweet potato mash. Especially when, nestling underneath it, there’s a hearty bean medley in an herbed tomato sauce. Add cheese on top of your sweet beans pie to give it a golden-brown colour, and serve with good ol' fashioned frozen peas.

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