How to portion a chicken

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In the first of our brand new chicken video series, Olly Seabright from The Ginger Pig butchery shows us how to portion a chook.

Portioning a chicken is easy when you know how. Here butcher Olly Seabright takes us through the process. Remember it's often cheaper to buy a whole chicken and break it down, than buy separate pieces.

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What to look for when buying a chiockenWhat to look for when buying chicken

Wet plucked? Dry plucked? Olly looks at a whole flock of chickens and explains what to look for when buying one, and why it's a good idea to invest in a 100-day-old chicken. 

ROast a chickenHow to roast a chicken

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carveHow to carve a chicken

Don't ruin a beautifully roasted chicken by carving it wrong. Watch and learn how to do it properly from Olly Seabright, butcher at The Ginger Pig. Remember to let it rest first, to ensure juicy meat.

spatchcockHow to spatchcock a chicken
A spatchcocked chicken cooks far quicker than the regular kind, due to being so flat. Butcher Olly shows us how to remove a chicken's back bone ('spatchcocking') in preparation for grilling or roasting.

breastsHow to make stuffed chicken breasts from scratch
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stockHow to make chicken stock
Butcher Olly Seabright shows us how to use all your leftover chicken bits to make a delicious stock. Try roasting the carcass first to maximise flavour, and remember to add any leftover chicken fat too.

chickenMore ways to portion a chicken
Butcher Olly Seabright shows us more ways to portion a chicken, including making 'chicken lollipops', chicken supreme, and drumsticks. You can get so many cuts out of just one chicken, if you know how.

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