Top 10 tasty fish recipes

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Tasty, healthy and good for you, here are our best fish recipes. Just make sure you buy sustainable fish.

Fish soup

The soup one

Valentine Warner's quick fish soup is just that, quick and easy to make, and it tastes pretty good too. Cut the carrots into a small dice to ensure they cook quickly. Have some good bread on the side for mopping up.

mexican fish stewThe Mexican one

 Moqueca de Peixe e Camarao is a Brazilian fish stew. This recipe from Allegra McEvedy uses flat fish, such as halibut, plaice or turbot, and king/tiger prawns. Allegra then adds freshness in the form of limes, and coriander.

The pie one

Marcus Wareing's pie pairs cod with blue cheese, ingredients that are not natural bedfellows, yet under a blanket of puff pastry they get on famously! The result is a comforting a dish as you could hope for.

Cod and lentilsThe Spanish one

Omar Allibhoy's cod and lentils recipe serves white flaky cod with earthy lentils. The key to this dish is getting the nip of chilli right, so it balances with the sweet pimento and flavour of the sherry. Serve with the rest of the sherry...

Fish curryThe spicy one

Tim Anderson's Malaysian seafood curry contains a bit of everything: softshell crab meat, mussels, cockles and baby octopi or squid, all married together with Malaysian spices.

fish cakesThe ‘cakey’ one

Rachel de Thample's Thai-spiced fishcakes are great for making a little bit of fish go a long way. You could bulk them out a bit further with potato too. The salad makes this a healthy choice.

tunaThe tuna one

We’ve a ‘school’ of tuna recipes: Jun Tanaka's peppered tuna with niçoise (pictured left) is visually stunning, Jean Christophe Novelli gives us a recipe for a salad version, whereas Marco Pierre White gives us tuna steaks.

Squid Ink fishThe fancy one

Tom van Zeller's cauliflower and squid ink puree will show off your cheffy skills when you're serving up some sea bass, salmon or cod.


Mitch Tonks' fish and chips recipeThe takeaway at home one

Fancy frying up your own fish and chips at home? Mitch Tonks provides his own take on this quintessential British takeaway classic using haddock, but you can substitute for your preferred catch of the day.

budget fish pie

The budget one

Fish can be expensive, but this recipe from Martin Pilkington uses frozen fish like pollack plus tinned kippers to put a decent meal on the table for under £3.

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