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Sit back and relax with one of our cooling summer drinks.

For everyone

Virgin strawberry daiquiri

DaiquiriThis refreshing mocktail is a real treat on a warm summer evening. Blitz two large strawberries with ice and lemonade then enjoy – you can't really get any simpler! Garnish with a small strawberry and enjoy.


Mojito mocktail

Mojito mocktailThis stripped back mojito only requires ice, agave, lime, mint, lemon syrup and sparkling water. Add rum if you're a fan of the 'real thing', but this is a good weekday drink if you want something more exciting than juice.


Cucumber and apple cooler

Cucumber and apple coolerExtract the juice from two green apples and half a cucumber, topped up with gomme syrup and serve over ice. Garnish with a slice of cucumber, and you've got one of the best drinks in hand to deal with the heat.


Blackberry lassi

lassiThis is such a vibrant lassi – it has the most beautiful purple colour and is fresh with the flavours of the sweet-sour blackberries. All you'll need to make this Indian classic is blackberries, natural yoghurt, lemon juice, a little sugar and ice cubes.

Caribbean punch

Caribbean punchParty time! This Caribbean punch is a delicious mix of juices: pomegranate, lime, and pineapple, with ginger beer to add a kick. Garnish with pomegranate seeds and mint sprigs – and if you're looking for something more adult, a few measures of rum or vodka should do the trick. 

Beetroot, pomegranate and orange smoothie

Beetroot smoothieDefinitely a good one to wake up to. Whizz up cooked beetroot with sweet, exotic pomegranate juice and tart orange juice. It contains absolutely everything you need to get your body up and running!


Strawberry lassi

Strawberry lassiSweet Viva strawberries are the recommended choice for this lassi. Use full fat yoghurt for full flavour, and enjoy in the sun with a good book. Much better than a strawberry milkshake, in our opinion, though to be honest we wouldn't say no to that either.

Adults only

Chocolate martini

Chocolate martiniChocoholics go wild for this chocolate martini, made with real chocolate as opposed to syrups or liqueurs. This helps to retain the martini flavour without hiding it behind a wall of sweetness. A stunner for a summer party served after a barbecue at dusk. 

Chocolate bramble cocktail

Chocolate bramble cocktailAnother one for the chocolate fans, made with a crisp bite of gin, blackberry liqueur, fresh blackberries, and crushed ice. At this cocktail's heart is a homemade chocolate liquor, swirled on top of the other ingredients so the rich chocolate hits your palate first.

Apple and champagne cocktail

Apple and champagne cocktailThis is a really simple cocktail, made with apple juice – use the best available or juice your own if you have a juicer – topped up with champagne and a couple of drops of grenadine. Very light and easy to drink, but not too strong either.

What’s your favourite summer-time beverage? Talk to us in the Comments box below…

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