Top 10 easy and fun baking recipes

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Ten simple recipes for the beginner baker, and they're all great to make with children.

Cheesy tear and share bread

Bread is really rewarding to bake. This step-by-step recipe walks you through baking fantastic cheesy tear and share rolls. It's a good one because it also teaches you the basics of making bread, and introduces you to additional ingredients like cheese and herbs to spruce it up too. Plus it's delicious and great to share with friends.
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Sea salt and oregano focaccia

FocacciaOnce you've mastered the basics of bread, you might want to try something a little different. Focaccia requires a little practice and patience to get perfect, but it's not that difficult. Just be patient when waiting for it to rise and make sure your dough is fairly sticky as you work.
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OatcakesRough Scottish biscuits made with just four ingredients. Mix oatmeal, salt and baking powder, combine with butter and water, then cut wedges out of the rolled-out mixture. Bake and top with cheese, ham, pickle, or anything else you fancy for a really versatile snack!
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Cornish pasty

Cornish pastyThis one is really fun, and very tasty. Don't be scared away, it's really quite simple. The pastry is a simple mixture of flour, butter and water, worked into a dough. Then you lay finely diced filling (swede, potato, beef and onion) in the centre, fold it up, and bake it.
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No-bake chocolate cake

Chocolate cakeNot technically baking, as you don’t even need an oven for this one. But it's great so we don't mind. Just melt and combine all manner of devilish ingredients (think dark chocolate, condensed milk, pistachios, and biscuits), then refrigerate until it looks like chocolate cake.
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Banana maple upside-down cake

Banana cakeAn upside-down cake with a difference from Bill Granger. Great for making with the kids, you can also substitute the bananas for Granny Smith apples. Cook the sliced apples in the caramel topping mixture, before placing in the tin and topping with the cake mixture.
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Fruity granola bars

Fruity granola barsPack up a home-baked snack in your weekday lunchbox. You can tweak the ingredients to include your own favourite seeds, dried fruit or nuts, held together with butter and honey. Just remember not to use jumbo oats, as the bars won't hold together very well.
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Apple and raisin honey squares

Apple and raisin honey squaresWith a layer of sweet apples and raisins in-between gorgeous golden honeyed oats, Rachel Allen’s gooey squares are absolutely perfect with a cup of tea. Plus all you’ll need is staple baking ingredients, plus a couple of apples and a handful of raisins.
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Chocolate marshmallow biscuit cake

Chocolate marshmallow biscuit cakeAnother decadent wonder from Irish baking queen Rachel Allen. No cooking is required for this mallow biscuit cake – just one or two hours in the fridge – and all you’ll need is chocolate, ginger nut biscuits, mini marshmallows, and a few chocolate honeycomb bars.
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Peanut and chocolate Florentines

Peanut and chocolate FlorentinesSuper-quick and super-easy, these biscuits are crunchy and chocolately. Mix butter, apricots, peanuts and sugar together and form the biscuits by hand. Everything you want on a gloomy day, ideally with a strong cup of coffee or tea, and ready in just 20 minutes!
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