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Easter is a time for feasting. And not just on chocolate. Check out our perfect Easter Sunday lunch menu.

To start

leekMake the most of seasonal veg with Richard Corrigan’s griddled leeks recipe. Simply boil, trim and griddle your leeks, then serve with a dusting of breadcrumbs and a drizzle of dressing, made from honey, lemon juice, rapeseed oil and a sprig of tarragon.

Asparagus with soft eggBoiling eggs is just about as basic as you can get, and the dressing for Valentine Warner’s asparagus with soft egg recipe is not very time consuming to prepare either. Which leaves you plenty of time to focus on the rest of the meal. The herby flavours will leave your palate begging for more. And you'll happily oblige it...

Soup of the day

soupIt may sound Michelin, but Maria Elia’s sophisticated Jerusalem artichoke and vanilla soup is easy to make and calls for only basic ingredients. To make it extra special, sear seasoned scallops until golden and serve them in the middle of your bowl.

Watercress soupThis watercress soup from Nathan Outlaw is another light and healthy option that you can enjoy without guilt before digging in to what's to follow. We'd recommend that you skip the accompaniment of cheese toasties for now (unless you have a mammoth appetite), though do try them another time!

Meaty main

lambA leg of lamb, garlic bulbs and fresh lavender, all slow-roasting together in the oven… can you imagine the aroma? Fresh, seasonal and a little bit posh, Daniel Galmiche’s fragrant roast lamb is the perfect centrepiece for a hearty Easter lunch.

Heston Blumenthal lambAnd for the alternative... we have lamb. Well, it is Easter after all. This one is slightly different – Heston Blumenthal stuffs his lamb with anchovies, garlic and rosemary, and serves it up with a white wine and mustard sauce. Though anchovies might sound an unusual pairing with lamb, it doesn't leave a fishy taste in your mouth.

Veggie option

hotpotThe Hairy Bikers’ hotpot comes brimming with chunky veg and a hotchpotch of beans. Fry thin slices of Maris Piper potatoes in butter for the perfect patchwork topping, and add a hit of hot chilli and smoked paprika for extra punch. Oh to be a veggie!

Asparagus and cheese creams

This eye-catching asparagus and cheese cream by Nathan Outlaw might be a little tricky to make, but it will be worth the effort. The use of quails' eggs makes this a rather special treat. Just be careful - these look so good, the meat-eaters at the table will want your main course too!

On the side

brocolliBroccoli is at its best come Easter time. Indian chef Atul Kochar steams Tenderstem florets and throws them together with sautéed cumin seeds, garlic, red chilli and chickpeas for a warm broccoli side salad to roast meat. Remember to finish with a squeeze of lime.

potatoesA roast dinner is not a roast dinner without potatoes. Jean Christophe Novelli jazzes his baby new potato roasties up by tossing them in a homemade salsa verde, made from anchovies, garlic, chopped herbs, lemon juice and olive oil. An Italian twist on an English classic.

Roast new potatoes with a watercress and mint dipIf you'd rather that everyone can add a sauce according to their own tastes, Camilla Stephens' roasties come with a watercress and mint dip on the side. Plonk it in the middle of the table, but don't expect it to last long. We recommend you make a big batch.

And so to pudding

bunA little sticky to the touch, rich in spice and dried fruit, and perfect toasted with butter. Hot cross buns are a must for Easter – but have you ever made your own? Bread maestro Richard Bertinet tells us how to make the perfect bun, and the perfect ‘cross’.

fondantDidn’t get an egg this Easter? Not to worry – Mat Follas’ chocolate fondant will hit the spot. Follow Mat’s method to the tee, and you’ll get the perfect gooey-in-the-middle fondant every time. Finish with a dusting of icing sugar and maybe some whipped cream.

Simnel cake

Simnel cake is a traditional Easter pudding. Lisa Faulkner's recipe is packed full of fruit and spices, which (along with a generous slosh of brandy and a maturation period) results in a rich, full taste. We just hope you have the room to enjoy this after all the rest!

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