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Updated on 07 June 2021

Our best barbecue recipes: meat, burgers, veggies and sides

Get grilling with these sizzling barbecue recipes, from mouthwatering meat and brilliant burgers to flavoursome seafood and incredible vegetarian dishes.


The undisputed king of any barbecue, a burger is always a winner. Stick to the classics and serve perfect cheeseburgers or a Golden Arches-inspired beef burger. Veggie and vegan options include meaty mushrooms, chipotle and black beans or an inventive vegan take on 'bacon'. If you're after a recipe that'll surprise, try the smash burgers – they're easy to make, with crispy patties, sweetcorn, chilli and cheese.

Big Max burger

Spinach, tomato and mushroom burger

Vegan burger with plant-based mayo and 'bacon'

Classic cheeseburger

Cheddar, corn and chilli smash burger

Chipotle, mushroom and black bean burger

Chipotle, mushroom and black bean burger (Image: The Green Barbecue/Square Peg)
The Green Barbecue/Square Peg


Pork kebabs, barbecue ribs or myriad takes on grilled chicken – all of these recipes are guaranteed winners. If you're looking to serve something with wow-factor, try the spatchcocked chicken. Not only does it look impressive, but this grilling technique also leaves the meat succulent and flavoursome, and the skin crispy and golden brown.

Barbecue ribs

Four-spice pork kebabs

Ultimate jerk chicken

Spatchcocked chicken with green beans

Chicken legs with Alabama white sauce

Chicken legs with Alabama white sauce (Image: Foolproof BBQ/Quadrille)
Foolproof BBQ/Quadrille

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Save some space on your grill for fish as it tastes incredible when barbecued. Try meaty, oily fish, like tuna, mackerel and salmon, that can stand up to smoky barbecue flavours. Shellfish will also taste great and takes no time to cook, either shell-on or cleaned and skewered.

Grilled mackerel

Barbecue salmon

Grilled tuna steak with vegetable vinaigrette

Salmon, courgette and lemon kebabs

Jamaican pepper shrimp

Jamaican pepper shrimp (Image: Big Zuu's Big Eats/Ebury Press)
Big Zuu's Big Eats/Ebury Press


There are plenty of veggie choices that pack a big punch too. For a real showstopper, grill a whole cauliflower or broccoli and serve with lip-smacking sauces. Falafel sandwiches are a winning choice – everyone can get stuck in and add their favourite condiments – while the tandoori veg kebabs are great on their own or as a side.

Falafel sandwich

Grilled broccoli with makhani sauce

Roasted cauliflower shawarma with pomegranate and tahina

Tandoori vegetable kebabs

Tandoori vegetable kebabs (Image: Chetna's Healthy Indian Vegetarian/Mitchell Beazley) Chetna's Healthy Indian Vegetarian/Mitchell Beazley


The ultimate barbecue wouldn’t be complete without some delicious side dishes. Barbecue favourite corn on the cob gets a Mexican-style upgrade with our recipe while barbecued whole potatoes get smothered in a savoury, spicy and smoky dressing of tarragon and peanuts. Try serving unbeatable classics like potato salad and coleslaw alongside flavour-packed dishes like grilled lettuce and barbecued okra.

Mexican-style barbecued corn on the cob

Potato salad

Classic coleslaw

Barbecued okra

Grilled lettuce with buttermilk dressing

Barbecued potatoes with tarragon, peanuts and chipotle

Barbecue potatoes (Image: The Green Barbecue/Square Peg)
The Green Barbecue/Square Peg

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Drinks and desserts

The barbecue isn't just for savoury foods. Fire up the grill for pineapple and it'll get beautifully caramelised, perfect served with an indulgent caramel sauce or coconut ice cream. Freshen up with a zingy tropical salad, cool down with paletas (Mexican-style ice lollies) and don't forget about refreshing drinks too.

Pimm's spritz

Gin paloma cocktail

Tropical fruit salad

Hibiscus paletas

Griddled pineapple with salted caramel

Grilled pineapple with salted caramel (Image: Rachel Ama's Vegan Eats/Ebury Press)
Rachel Ama's Vegan Eats/Ebury Press

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Cooking more than you can eat seems to be the inevitable outcome of all barbecues, but there's no need to throw away any food. Turn leftover chicken into flavoursome fajitas, corn on the cob into chowder, use up leftover fish in tacos and save skewers for rice bowls. Got some of that roasted broccoli hanging around as well? Chop it into a savoury quiche with Gorgonzola, perfect for lunch the next day.

Chicken fajitas

Corn chowder

Fish tacos

Broccoli and Gorgonzola quiche 

Rice noodle salad bowl

Rice noodle salad bowl (Image: Vietnamese Food Any Day/Ten Speed Press)Vietnamese Food Any Day/Ten Speed Press

Lead image: KucherAV/Shutterstock


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