Seasonal November dishes

Updated on 01 November 2019

November foods in season and what to cook with them

It's getting cold outside so warm up in the kitchen with our pick of November's top recipes to make.


It's time to dig up the best of autumn's root vegetables: celeriac, swede, turnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsnips. You'll also find excellent artichokes, beetroot, kale and leeks, as well as the first crop of sprouts. Pumpkins will probably be going cheap after the Halloween rush and other squash, like butternut, are at their prime.

This is also the best time to start cooking more with nuts, including seasonal chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts.

Pearl barley and kale broth

Potato gratin

One-pan vegetable lasagne

Crispy sprout bowls with honey tahini dressing

Socca with artichokes

Socca with artichokesSardine/Pavilion Books


Goose is in season so there's no need to wait until Christmas to roast this delicious bird. Meanwhile, pheasant now takes centre stage on the game front, with grouse, rabbit, duck and venison offering great options too.

Chilly days are perfect for rich and warming slow-cooked dishes and stews, so look for cheap cuts of beef that will benefit from cooking long and slow.

Slow-cooked chicken with a crisp corn crust

Beef noodle soup

Goose vindaloo, Brussels sprout & chestnut thoran

Confit duck tacos with corn & mushroom salsa

Beef paupiettes

Beef pauppiettesThe French Revolution/Seven Dials


Mussels, oysters, crabs and clams are thriving in the colder water at this time of year so make sure to take advantage of it. Lobster is also especially tender and flavourful now so if you've wanted to cook a lobster dish for a while, now's the time.

On the fish front, cod, haddock, halibut, herring, plaice and monkfish are among the catches of the month.

Chunky fish soup

Smoky bean and monkfish stew

Coconut fish curry

Harissa and lemon baked fish with cous cous

Tangy seafood stew

Tangy seafood stewVietnamese Food Any Day/Ten Speed Press


Cranberries are abundant this month and will be reluctant to leave the supermarket shelves until after Christmas. You can also make use of the imported clementines, satsumas, passion fruit and pomegranate that are widely available at this time of year.

If you fancy a fruity challenge, do something with seasonal quince while some of the apples and pears are still lingering.

Clementine sponges with cranberry sauce

Pomegranate passion cake

Toffee apple and salted pretzel rocky road

Rosemary and pomegranate fizz

Quince clafoutis

Quince clafoutisPlanted/Kyle Books


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