Lucy Cufflin

Lucy Cufflin, trained chef and kitchen shortcut queen, brings you an exciting mix of classic and innovative recipes inspired by worldwide regional cooking to create the perfect meal, whatever the occasion. Lucy has been the chief mentor for hundreds of chalet cooks and has evolved a foolproof bible' to ensure every dish can be made to perfection every time. In addition, Lucy provides thousands of tips on ingredients, timing, serving, alternative suggestions for special dietary requirements and the all important way to manage a household budget. Tried, tested and prepared by cooks and chefs in the chalets of France, Austria and North America, these recipes are enjoyed by, literally, thousands of people every year. Each recipe gives a foolproof guide, enabling even the most inexperienced cooks to don their aprons and create a culinary masterpiece. Lucy specifies,well, everything! Quantities, timings and instructions are clear and simple, making it impossible for even the most novice chef to go wrong! Lucy's Food offers exciting food kept simple, because good cooking needn't be complicated.

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