Richard Corrigan

Brought up on a farm in County Meath, Ireland, Richard Corrigan was raised on wholesome, uncomplicated, home grown cooking. Using ingredients that he himself helped to cultivate alongside other members of his family, Richard's upbringing is something which he firmly attributes his cooking style to and plays a vital role in the menus he crafts for all of his restaurants. After leaving Ireland to pursue his dream of becoming a chef, Richard spent four years cooking in the Netherlands before progressing to become head chef of Mulligan's in Mayfair. His first Michelin star was awarded at Stephen Bull's Fulham Road restaurant in 1994, prior to launching the acclaimed Michelin-starred Lindsay House in Soho in 1997. Following his success at reviving the famous Bentley's Seafood Bar & Grill in London, Richard recently opened an Irish Bentley's based in Dublin to equal praise. In recent years Richard has worked at a number of prestigious events, including preparing lunch at 10 Downing Street for Tony Blair and the King & Queen of Jordan, as well as being crowned winner of the Great British menu no less than three times. Alongside appearances on BBC2's Full on Food, Saturday Kitchen and Market Kitchen, Richard also hosts the Irish primetime television series, Corrigan Knows Food, one of Ireland's most popular TV shows. Corrigan's Mayfair opened its doors in November 2008 to wide acclaim. The restaurant was awarded London Restaurant of the Year 2008/2009 by the Evening Standard and 3 AA Rosettes within the first three months. In October 2009, Corrigan's Mayfair was awarded `AA London Restaurant of the Year', and gained the Highest New Entry in the National Restaurant Awards at No5. Inspired by Richard's humble, rural upbringing, Corrigan's Mayfair brings honest, no-nonsense food to one of the city's most enviable postcodes. Generous portions accompany an exciting wine list and atmosphere to match, combining 21st century luxury and style with down-to-earth, home-inspired cooking. In Richard's own words, as described in his latest cookbook `The Clatter of Forks and Spoons': "Growing up on a farm teaches you respect for the cycles and seasonality of food.... and with each movement of the calendar, nature has something else to give us." I think there's an appreciation about food and flavour that's formed in your childhood...and knowing the time and work that goes into producing good food, makes you hate to waste any of it."

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