Gizzi Erskine

Gorgeous and talented foodie Gizzi Erskine, a leading light in the crossover between food and style, is best known for being the presenter of Channel 4's Cook Yourself Thin and an author of the massively popular book by the same name. Gizzi has appeared as GMTV's EASY SUMMER FOOD expert and as a regular contributing presenter on Sky One's TASTE. Her take on food is edgy and refreshing, and her approach has struck a real chord with the public. Many people are very surprised to hear that she had a career as a body piercer before finishing a full diploma course at Leith's School of Food and Wine in 2003. She went on to win a placement at BBC Good Food magazine, where she started to establish herself as a food writer and stylist. After over 5 years in the industry, Gizzi has contributed to Marie Claire, Sunday Times Style, Elle USA, Arena, Company, InStyle and many more. Gizzi writes a monthly column for Company Magazine, titled 'Gizzi's Kitsch-en'. Every issue she shows us inventive ways to make cooking cool, and easy. She is also a regular contributor to Fabulous Magazine which is the News of the World's lifestyle glossy. Her beautiful book, GIZZI'S KITCHEN MAGIC, is out now (published by Virgin). It's the new technique based food bible for foodies young and old and there are over 200 straight forward and delicious recipes to choose from. The hit US show, IRON CHEF, hosted by Olly Smith had Gizzi as one of the guest judges. The show's format was fast and furious - Iron Man meets Master Chef where contestants battled it out in the kitchen against some of the top chefs in the country. The US series included appearances from Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Caleb Followill from The Kings of Leon. Last year saw Gizzi collaborate with Innocent for an exciting challenge. She designed the menu for a pop-up cafe which appeared in Shoreditch in early October. The delicious menu had to use seasonal produce that gave diners their five-a-day for £5. 'Five for Five' was all about educating guests how to get their daily amount of fruit and veg in two courses. Gizzi's a very familiar face on THIS MORNING having had a popular mini series earlier this year. She also goes on the show regularly for live cooking demos. She is soon to star in a brand new daily cookery show for Channel 4, due to air end of January. Cookery School is a massive 50 episodes and has been dubbed the new Masterchef. The contestants will be put through their paces and will learn a variety of new skills from cooking offal to shellfish. Michelin starred chef and restauraunteur, Richard Corrigan, will be with Gizzi to show the 'students' how it's really done.

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