Miranda Gore Browne

Miranda Gore Browne was a finalist on BBC2's The Great British Bake Off. She was highly rated for her home-baking, which was described consistently as tasting delicious and looking beautiful. Mary Berry remarked that Miranda reminded her of herself when she was younger and said, in the final, that her cupcakes were an example of "an absolutely perfect cupcake". Miranda spent her career in the food industry, working at Marks & Spencer, where she ran Café Revive and was a pudding buyer. She is now a full-time mummy to Thomas (six) and Eleanor (almost three), and thrives on juggling her love of baking with family life in the heart of the Sussex countryside. Miranda has established a reputation for wonderful home-baking, and for producing stunning hand-decorated biscuits, exquisite cupcakes and beautiful celebration cakes. She has a keen following for her recipes and baking ideas. On her Beautiful Baking blog, www.mirandagorebrowne.typepad.com, she covers themes such as seasonal baking, baking with children, baking for friends, and making the `everyday' special. Her blog documents her life through baking. Miranda's appeal lies in her ability to deliver creations that look stunning and taste fantastic. Her recipes are accessible to those with even the busiest lives. She is enthusiastic about sharing her love of baking with others, and holds regular master-classes and demonstrations. She delights in encouraging even the most reluctant bakers to achieve wonderful results, and has been described as an inspirational teacher. Miranda is passionate about the importance of putting baking at the heart of life.

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