Paul Merrett

Paul owns and runs The Victoria, Public house, Hotel and dining room in Sheen. He has been awarded a Michelin star twice, and is the author of Using the Plot: Tales of an Allotment Chef (2008). He was the presenter of BBC Two's Ever Wondered About Food... series, and co-presented a BBC Two ten-part prime-time series called The Best, which aired in 2002 accompanied by a book of the same name. Other TV credits include Light Lunch, Superchefs, Fresh Food and Good Food Live. And along with all his professional qualifications, Paul is a father of two. Paul's decision to set up his own restaurant means he's cut his salary in half and he's cut his family food budget in half too. For the last two years he has fed his family of four world-class food on just £90 per week. His home and his restaurant are both run using a series of lists, spreadsheets and meal plans that allow him to maximize taste and minimize waste. Economy Gastronomy is born out of Paul's unrivalled knowledge of how to feed a family on the best food without breaking the bank. Paul's skills and passion were also recognized last year when he was one of just two chefs invited to launch the government's Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

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