Vince Millar

Growing up in the tiny village of Stepps on the outskirts of Glasgow, Vince learned the ropes of the kitchen at his aunt’s hotel in the city and has always loved food. Having trained at Cumbernauld College, he then travelled to Australia and spent five years at Pier Nine – the most decorated seafood restaurant in the country – winning numerous awards as part of its esteemed team. Developing a taste for oysters while abroad, Vince describes his style as a fusion of multiple cuisines and culinary cultures, with an emphasis on clean cooking and full flavours. Reading widely and always seeking out the latest trends in the kitchen, he joined Menzies in October 2014 along with new General Manager Gerry Ross. Now incorporating a new menu, including highlights such as pork wellington and smoke salmon linguine, Vince aims to reestablish the hotel as a culinary highlight of the Ayrshire region.

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