Judy Joo

Judy Joo is a Korean- American chef, television personality and a food writer now living and working in London. She was one of the four Iron Chefs on the cooking show Iron Chef UK and was a judge on season four of Food Network’s show The Next Iron Chef. After making a name for herself as the only female Iron Chef UK, Judy was approached by The Playboy Club with an opportunity to become their Executive Chef. Judy graduated from Columbia University, where in addition to earning a Bachelor of Science in engineering, she explored New York’s diverse culinary offerings and expanded her palate for gastronomic adventures. Although originally embarking on a career on the trading floor, Judy felt the lure of the kitchen and decided to pursue her true passion in cooking. After graduating from the French Culinary Institute, Judy has worked with Gordon Ramsay and now writes her own cookbooks in order to share her love of food with others. Judy is now also the host of Food Network’s Korean Food Made Simple. Her love for Korean food began as a child at home, where she watched her mother cook authentic Korean dishes. Judy teaches viewers how to create and enjoy simple yet stunning Korean recipes, as the show takes viewers on a tour of Korea. Judy is now preparing to open her new London restaurant, Jinjuu, this year.

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