Pippa Kendrick

"I have always had a passion for food, and cooking and eating have always played a hugely important part of my life. In September 2000, I became seriously ill with complications that stemmed from an un-diagnosed food sensitivity. It became a life-threatening situation and was a turning point in my life. The results of my experience left me with intolerances to dairy, wheat, soya, egg and yeast and an overwhelming loss as to know what to do. After a long time of feeling fed up and only eating ryvita and jam, I realised that I could, and would, take my new diet and personal health in to my own hands and started developing my own recipes that are free of all those nasty allergen foods, but still taste really, really good. With over ten years experience of cooking and eating in an allergy-friendly way, I want to share my love of gastronomy and all the tricks and tips I have learnt in order to make delicious intolerance-friendly recipes that are a pleasure to eat and free for all to enjoy."

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