Romilla Arber

Romilla Arber is not a chef; she is a busy mum of four children who recognizes the need to cook healthy food for her family. Everyday cooking is a challenge as it is about more than just the cooking - it's requires budgeting, ensuring a balanced diet, planning what to cook and shopping for it. Each week contains no more than four meat dishes, plenty of fresh vegetables and a regular amount of fish, pulses and cereals with a strong focus on seasonal produce. "What's for Dinner? Second Helpings" is a brand new 767 page cookery book that has a recipe for every day of the year, including two weekly tea time treats that the whole family will enjoy! It is available in bookshops and on line from April 2012. Written by mum of four, Romilla Arber, It's THE only cookery book in the UK, where ALL sale proceeds go directly to charity. The Food Education Trust ( is a charity, established by Romilla in 2008 to promote the benefits of a balanced home cooked diet.

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