Anthea Turner

TV personality Anthea Turner has been in the spotlight for over 20 years. Star of the highly acclaimed BBC series Perfect Housewife Anthea gave homemakers intensive training in how to organize their homes, and, spread her passion for cleaning, saving money and ultimately helping make their lives easier. She also published a book to accompany Perfect Housewife series 1 and 2 as well as DVD releases. Anthea went on to publish two more books `How to Entertain in Style' and `Perfect Christmas' helping to establish her as the ultimate domestic goddess. Anthea has also, over the years, presented top shows on a variety of subjects close to her heart from creating the perfect home to food, pets, travel and fitness. Anthea is currently starring in an exciting new show Dinner Party Wars for Food Network, Canada, where, together with chef Corbin Tomaszeski, they judge and rate couples putting on a dinner party. In 1992 Anthea become the 19th presenter of the award winning BBC1 flagship children's programme, `Blue Peter'. During her two years with the show she launched the most successful `home made make' in the history of `Blue Peter' with an excess of 100,000 viewers writing in for details of how to make `Tracy Island' from Thunderbirds.

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