Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson was born in Wisconsin, USA and raised on a balanced diet of cheeseburgers, pizza, Danish pastries, and root beer. At age 18 he relocated to Los Angeles, where he quickly became a connoisseur of regional Japanese noodles, American craft beer, and tacos sold out of trucks. Upon graduating from college, Tim moved to Japan to indulge in the country's many hot springs and diverse local foods - in particular the unexpectedly pork-intensive and indelicate dishes of Kyushu, Japan's southernmost island. It was there that Tim fell in love with a British woman, and so he once again displaced himself, this time to London, where he developed a love for British ale, cheese, curry, game, and seafood. Along the way, he has travelled to France, Mexico, Italy, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Burma, and Denmark, accruing new and diverse culinary influences at every opportunity. In 2011 he wove those influences into a colorful tapestry of flavor to win the hit BBC series MasterChef at age 26, making him the youngest champion ever. He currently works as a mercenary chef, sommelier of beer, and resident chef for Malaysia Kitchen.

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