Thomasina Miers

Winner of MasterChef 2005, food writer, culinary campaigner and restaurant owner - Thomasina Miers really does have her finger in every pie. A long visit to Mexico inspired Tommi to enter MasterChef. With little faith even to get past the first round, she impressed judges with her unique South American recipes and went on to beat over 4,000 contestants for first prize place. It's not just Latino flavours that tickle her fancy; a love of real British food and a much needed sense of adventure sprung her back in front of the camera with Guy Grieve for Channel 4's "The Wild Gourmets". This seven week televised stint living off the fat of the land saw her cooking anything and everything forgeable from a field. In 2008, Thomasina teamed up with Guy again in "A Cook's Tour of Spain". When not camped out hunting for wildlife she might be found in her bright and breezy, canteen-style Mexican restaurant, which opened in Covent Garden in July 2007. Wahaca (correct spelling Oaxaca - it has been changed to make it easier to pronounce) aims to offer authentic Mexican food to Londoners, food that Tommi was able to experience first hand whilst cooking on market stalls in Mexico. Tommi has gone back to her writing roots and is currently tackling the issue of food waste in her Saturday Telegraph column.

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