Josh Sutton

Josh Sutton cooked his first camping meal at the age of 9, it all went horribly wrong and he burst into tears. Things have improved since then, though the tears do still flow on the odd occasion. Passionate about good food and local ingredients, Josh is a freelance writer with a focus on camping cuisine. His eclectic approach has seen him published in magazines and journals as diverse as Fire and Knives through The Big Issue to Camping magazine. He appeared recently on BBC1's Inside Out programme cooking lobster and linguini in his tent in storm force winds. A veteran of outdoor, music and food festivals Josh's cookery demonstrations always pull a crowd. Amazing simple food and outlandish tales of Travels with his Trangia, together with a few tunes on the ukulele sets the Guyrope Gourmet in a field of his own. Josh Sutton is The Guyrope Gourmet

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