Nick Nairn

Everything I do starts with food. Great food, that's what I'm passionate about, whether it's in a cafe or a five-star restaurant. For me great food starts with great ingredients. And if those ingredients are part of Scotland's abundant natural larder, then I'm happy. I make it my mission - and it's a pretty easy one to fulfil - to use as much Scottish produce as I can. We've got so much going for us, from langoustines to lobsters, fresh berries to Highland beef, not to mention some of the best butchers, scallop divers, farmers, small dairies and other deliverers of fine food on the planet. Because I'm passionate about the way we all eat, from childhood right through to feeding the elderly, I'm certain that cooking with more natural local produce, banning nasties such as trans fats, cutting back on hidden salt and educating all food outlets to cook properly from scratch, we can get back to a healthier diet. I try to promote this through my Cook School, cookbooks, television, newspapers, by lobbying Government, public appearances and by endorsing quality foods, ensuring that we can all eat and cook food well.

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