Rick Stein

Rick Stein OBE is an English chef, restaurateur, cookery book author and television presenter. He has written 16 cookery books and made ten cookery programmes. He has also cooked for The Queen and Prince Philip, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher and French President, Jacques Chirac. Rick is best known for a love of fresh seafood and made his name in the 90's with his earliest books and television series based on his life as chef and owner of The Seafood Restaurant in fishing port of Padstow on the North Coast of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. As he said at the time "nothing is more exhilarating than fresh fish simply cooked." Since then he has expanded his horizons to cover numerous journeys over the world in search of great dishes, many of which he's brought back to his restaurants in Padstow. Rick and his fiancée Sarah Burns are also the guiding lights of "Rick Stein at Bannisters" at Mollymook on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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