Miisa Mink

I invested in Nordic Bakery in 2008. I walked into the Soho store, the only one at the time, and fell in love. I was looking for something `beautiful and silent' after working in hectic environment of international branding and advertising for many years. I fell in love with the space, the atmosphere - the brand. I immediately knew that this concept was something unique, something that would attract urban customers internationally. I wanted to be involved. It has been very exciting developing the brand, the product strategy and opening a new location in Marylebone. We got an opportunity to write a cookbook and I truly enjoyed writing the Nordic Bakery Cookbook. Miisa was born and raised in Finland but has lived and worked in Poland, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium and the UK where she now lives with her husband and two children. Miisa's background is in international business and branding. After graduating with a business degree in international marketing she worked for food companies in international marketing positions and later in a leading European design and branding agency Design Bridge Ltd in London with fast moving consumer goods brands. At the moment Miisa dedicates her time in building companies where design and branding is integral part of their strategy and success.

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