Aktar Islam

Aktar's on a quest to bring excellence back to the Indian menu, through authenticity, local, seasonal ingredients and delicious flavour combinations. Indian food has come under much scrutiny for its health properties, with Asian men particularly prone to diet-induced heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes. Exploding the myth that ingredients like clarified butter are a staple of Indian cooking (it's a rare and expensive ingredient in India, and is a product that has somehow become adopted by Indian restaurants in the UK to mask and enhance a poorly made dish), Aktar's recipes prove that Indian food can be healthy, as well as tasty. Moreover, he staunchly believes that, further to surveys showing that the British publics are prepared to pay less for Indian food than any other cuisine, there are perceptions and attitudes towards Indian cooking that require overturning. And he is doing everything in his power to do so - from mentoring and training young aspiring chefs to master the art of fine Indian dining, to his appointment by Birmingham Council to represent the city in the Birmingham Bites campaign. His restaurant, Lasan, continues to gain national status and send foodies, celebs and critics alike into a tailspin. www.lasan.co.uk

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