Cowdray Farm Shop

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Join us at the Cowdray Farm Shop, Midhurst, West Sussex for a feast of estate and locally sourced produce, fresh bread made with their own flour, and most of all a taste of their magnificent meat. All from a supplier with strong values, and a real commitment to their community.

Welcome to Cowdray Farm Shop, the brainchild of Fiona Hamilton-Fox and her husband David (the Farm Manger on the Cowdray estate). Cowdray Farm Shop was born in the summer of 2009 after several years in the planning. Farm shops generally have been undergoing fairly rapid evolution in the past few years, and Cowdray shows every sign of having learnt from the best of the crop.

Initially you’re wowed by the beautiful environment Cowdray have created for the farm shop. In a high spec redevelopment of the old polo pony stables there are shelves teeming with locally sourced produce, a mouth-watering deli counter, a bakery where the breads are baked with flour milled from Cowdray wheat, and the star turn, a butcher’s counter selling estate meats including their succulent five week aged beef. The beef and lamb are Cowdray’s pride and joy, coming from animals reared on the estate which are grass fed in calm environment designed to minimise stress throughout the animals’ journey from manger to plate.

But it’s a beauty that’s more than skin deep. Cowdray are proud of their philosophy which encompasses not just estate and local sourcing, but high standards of service, positively contributing to the local community, employing and training local people, and listening to and acting on feedback from their thousands of visitors. Clearly not a box ticking exercise, it’s this kind of holistic approach to the business which can really distinguish a Supplier.

There’s more to come too, with a model farm set to open in the new year and exciting new developments for the café in the pipeline. Coming on top of all that they have achieved so far, Cowdray Farm Shop is clearly one to watch. We suspect we won’t be the only ones keeping a close eye on what they do next.

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