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There's not a sprog in the land who'd turn down the chance to lick spoons and make a gargantuan mess of a room they know they won't have to clean.

It’s in the kitchen where the first proper parent-to-child lesson tends to takes place – in a bid to exhaust children parents often turn to cookery. And there’s not a sprog in the land who’d turn down the chance to lick spoons and make a gargantuan mess of a room they know they won't have to clean.

It doesn’t have to be a chore – canny manufacturers have realised this is an activity at which parents will throw limitless cash and want to make it fun to prepare cookies, muffins, crispy chocolate cornflakes or party-size pizzas with your issue.

Funky Muffin is one of a number of web-based companies which specialise in the wacky, colourfully jolly implements one might need in a dough-rolling and flour-sprinkling cookery session, ensuring an afternoon of entertaining fun for everyone. If a child is nagging you for a green sugar-dusted, pearl-wearing rhinocerous-shaped cookie, you need only wave your PayPal account and it will magically appear.  

And there's no need to sweat a drop over safety either, for fiddly electric equipment and sharp knives are eschewed for alternatives, and the only thing needing A&E assistance will probably be your sorry-looking slice of key lime pie.

Of course, when children get older it may suddenly become a tad harder to excuse shoddy kitchen efforts, for any seven year-old brat will be only too pleased in pointing them out. And so when you finally receive the “Err, fairy cakes, are like so yesterday” glances, it may be a good time to move your protegé on to other staple and fun-to-prepare dishes of a completely different kind: spaghetti bolognese, scrambled eggs, ham and cheese omelette. Heck, you never know, you may end up teaching yourself something new.


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