The top 10 food trends for 2011!

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What food trends are predicted to set the world alight in 2011? Don't miss out!

If your New Year food resolutions are ‘eat healthily’ or ‘buy ethical ingredients’, you’re certainly not alone.

Food tasting company My Secret Kitchen has predicted the culinary trends set to go big in 2011 - and ethics versus belt-tightening looks like it’s going to be a big dilemma for many of us. 

It seems British consumers are increasingly keen to buy ethically-sourced foodstuffs from smaller companies. However, paying a little extra for these ingredients will inevitably put a bit more strain on our wallets… so compromises will have to be made. 

Are you willing to go without something else to ensure your chicken had a happy life, or your strawberries are locally-grown? 

Here are the top ten food trend predictions for the coming year:

1. It's all about reduction

We’re going to try to cut back on sugar, sodium and ‘undesirables’ - those artificial additives no one can pronounce.

2. Citrus twist

Rare and unusual citrus flavours like yuzu, pomelo, tangerine and bergamot are going to rise in popularity, as people want to add a twist to familiar dishes.

Get ahead of the game and find out how to make a delicious citrus roast rack of pork.

3. Foraging favourites

The recent trend in foraging for food will continue to grow. Rose, blackberry, elderflower, rosehip, elderberry and sloe will be particular favourites in 2011.

In this film, Giles Coren meets Rene Redzepi to talk about his foraging passion.

4. Extra flavour

Smoked, toasted and roasted food will hit the heights this year, as people become more willing to experiment and keen to develop authentic food flavours.

5. Healthy and tasty

Gone are the days when the healthiest foods either taste bitter, or of virtually nothing. 2011 will herald a range of new ingredients that are healthy and taste great.

6. Dine in with me

Is there any space in the TV timetable for more cookery shows? It seems the answer is yes, as My Secret Kitchen predicts more of them on the bill, especially those focused on entertaining at home.

This means keen home cooks will be coming up with more complicated recipes and more extreme food choices as they try to become dinner party kings and queens.

Is your nosh too posh? You can find out right here.

7. Extreme barbecuing

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean cooking at the top of a mountain. It seems cooks will start to shun ‘normal’ barbecue flavouring (like Chinese glaze) in favour of new contenders from Brazil, Korea, Mongolia and elsewhere.

At the opposite extreme, people will also begin to focus solely on traditional local produce from the butcher round the corner, with locally produced sauces and marinades from the farmers’ markets and local delis.  

8. A little respect

Continued research and education about the food we eat will mean a surge in fair-trade and free range (although not necessarily organic) products.

You can read about some very happy turkeys in this guide to turkeys.

9. New horizons

Recipes from new countries will enter the lives of British cooks everywhere. Mexican, Thai and North African food will continue to blaze a trail, with other popular dishes being defined by people’s holiday destinations.

10. Chocolate-covered gherkin

These days, good chocolate is defined by its provenance, cocoa solid levels and methods of processing, as well as by its taste.

Chilli and chocolate and sea salt and caramel both became popular choices last year, and now unusual chocolate combinations look set to hit the big time. Look out for chocolate combined with lime, raspberry, cherry and even bacon!

You can read about the work of master chocolatier Paul A Young right here.

This guide teaches you how to make port and stilton chocolate truffles.

And if you have any red wine left over from Christmas, I suggest you turn into this rather delicious mulled wine hot chocolate. Yum!

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