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Uig Lodge's oak smoked salmon has been awarded yet another Gold Star in 2010's Great Taste Awards. What makes their salmon so special?

Get into a boat today and sail out  to the calm cyan Loch waters of Uig Bay, on the idyllic west coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

Find Uig Lodge - a large white 19th Century house nestled at the bottom of a serene mountainous landscape  - and you’ll be rewarded with some of the best smoked salmon you’ve ever tasted.

Sheer breathtaking loveliness

The Lodge’s picturesque surroundings means it ‘has few equals in all Britain for sheer breathtaking loveliness'. Or so said one of its former aristocratic owners, Emily MacDonald.

But that’s not what makes it famous today. Aside from its unmatched tranquillity, Uig Lodge is one of Scotland's finest producers of oak smoked salmon.

Last year, it was handed a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards, following on from those it collected in 2007 and 2009. 

Unique award-winning traditions

All salmon reared by Uig Lodge complies with RSPCA Freedom Food welfare standards, and The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) lists Freedom Food labelled salmon as one of their “fish to eat” and “one of the best choices to make”.

The salmon enjoys the pure, natural Scottish tidal waters until it is taken to Uig Lodge’s smokehouse to undergo its unique and time-honoured curing method.

The smokery takes great pride in the traditional precision and care with which it carries out its process – each and every fillet is independently hand - cured, washed, dried and consequently smoked over oak chips. It is then trimmed, boned, vacuumed and sealed in packs ready for purchase.

At the helm

Uig Lodge has been owned by the Green family for decades. Step forward, Dickon Green – the man who is not only manning the controls of the operation up on the Isle of Lewis, but who heads up the small, committed Uig team.

By staying true and honest to the traditional methods used from the very first Salmon-producing day at Uig, Dickon has undoubtedly been the driving force which has kept the Lodge’s salmon separate from the rest of the fishy pack.

And salmon appears only to be the start for Uig. Two years ago, the Lodge began to smoke organic sea trout – a delicacy that is already proving a great success.

Taste it yourself

Uig delivers fish to some of the country’s top hotels and pubs. Two of their main clients are Michelin-Star Fischer's Baslow Hall in Derbyshire and Tom Aikens, Chelsea, London.

But you can eat it home as well – the Uig Lodge website provides a list of regional stockists and you can also order online.  Choose from a selection of whole succulent sides, pre-sliced sides or, for ultimate convenience, choose one of the Uig Lodge sliced salmon packs. 

A recently-launched product, among all their superb fillets of Salmon, has been the much-sought Uig Lodge’s hamper, The Uig Hebridean Collection at £98.21. The luxuriously packed box contains locally-made goodies including marmalade, Stornoway black pudding, toffee, salmon and a small taster of sturdy Islay whisky.

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