The tastiest regional foods in the UK

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What are the best regional foods in the UK? Kirsty Page finds out!

Wherever you live, there’s a local delicacy you should be eating. Here’s my guide to the best regional foods in the UK – have I missed any off? Please add your nominations using the comments box below!

South West

Down in the depths of Somerset, they are known for their superior cider and beautiful cheddar cheese (originally made in a village called - you guessed it - Cheddar).

Fourteen cheese-makers are licensed to use the title ‘West County Farmhouse Cheddar’; to be classed as the genuine article they need to be made in either Devon, Cornwall, Dorset or Somerset from locally produced milk and using traditional Cheddar making techniques, including hand cheddaring.  They are being given a run for their money, however, by the fine cheesemakers at Lyburn Farmhouse in the New Forest.

You’d also be hard pushed to go anywhere in the South West in the summer without stumbling across satisfied West Country folk tucking into a cream tea. Mmmm.


That quintessential British teatime treat, the bakewell tart, originated in Derbyshire – specifically, in Bakewell, funnily enough. 

And the good news is, you don’t have to live nearby to get your hands on a tart made in the historic town - you can order one online from The Bakewell Tart Shop and Coffee House

And that’s not all the Midlands have contributed to our culinary heritage. Where would be without the Bramley apple? Certainly Anthony Worrall Thompson thinks the world is a better place for this humble fruit.  Read his ode to the green globe here.

The Melton Mowbray pork pie is up there with the best and residents are proud of its formidable reputation.  Why not try having a go at making it yourself or read our guide to the UK’s top five pork pies.

Birmingham is also home to Cadbury’s, let us not forget...

Northern England

The list of produce from the North is as long as my arm.

First of all, it’s home to the world famous rhubarb triangle.  This fruit (or vegetable if we’re being pedantic) has a rather magical story behind it, being picked by candlelight after a long spell underground.  Its vibrant pink stalks take centre stage in many a dish like Rachel Green’s rhubarb and stem ginger fool

And of course, when we looked at the best bangers in Britain, we had to put a Cumbrian sizzler on the list.  Alongside Yorkshire puddings, Eccles cakes and much more, the North is like a food lover’s well stocked larder.



No holiday to Cornwall is complete without a Cornish pasty and a slice of Cornish Blue all washed down with a pint of Cornish Rattler – anybody agree Cornwall has reason to be proud of its contribution to the British food calendar?

Plus, the waters that lap around the South West tip of the country mean fish from the area is simply superb.  Chefs such as Rick Stein have made no secret for their love of Cornwall, owing no less than four restaurants and a patisserie in the small town of Padstow


On the 25th January every year, Scots all over the world will tuck into a dinner of haggis, neeps and tatties to celebrate Burn’s night.  Traditionally, the filling of sheep’s pluck mixed with oatmeal and spices was wrapped in a sheep’s stomach, but a synthetic casing seems to be more popular these days.

If you’re coming over all Braveheart, why not try Lisa Faulkner’s Scotch pancakes with summer berries or Richard Corrigan’s lemon posset with shortbread.

The waters around Scotland are brimming with quality fish that get turned into tasty treats such as Abroath Smokies and Cullen skink while out of the water, oatcakes, porridge and stovies all have a long history in Scotland.

Last but by no means least, Aberdeen Angus beef is one of the best cuts of meat you can get.


Few countries have loved a food so much that they make it their national emblem, but the Welsh made an exception for the leek.  And let’s not forget Welsh rarebit – just don’t mistake it for rabbit as I did...

Over in the sweet corner, Welsh cakes and Bara Brith take centre stage and can be found alongside many a teapot come four o’clock.

Welsh lamb is regarded as among the best in the world, it even has PGI status! So, here at, we went on a mission and tracked down a few of the best Welsh lamb producers.  Bryn Williams has a delicious recipe for a roast loin of lamb should you be inspired to cook, and we think that you should...


Guiness has become synonymous with the Emerald Isle, but there are plenty of other great Irish stouts as we found out.  Also, why not have a go at cooking Mark Baumann’s coddle or champ for a traditional Irish feast.

Ireland has long been associated with potatoes, but it would be unfair to suggest this is all they are known for.  Soda bread, made from whole-wheat flour and buttermilk, is a national treasure as is traditional Irish stew.

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