5 top treats to bake this Spring

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Kirsty Page reveals the best recipes to bake this Spring.

Few fail to be seduced by the smell of fresh baking wafting out the oven – and eating said treats isn’t half bad either.  So put on your apron, dust off the scales and get baking this Spring!

Harry Eastwood’s Madeleines

This classic French cake is fairly virtuous at the best of times, but with Harry Eastwood’s recipe you can munch away guilt free! (Well, almost... they’ve got far fewer calories than usual.)

These pretty golden treats are as light as a feather, which is great if you are anticipating an Easter egg demolition come April 24th.  A bit like the lull before the storm you could say.

Read Harry Eastwood’s Madeleine recipe

Claudia Roden’s orange and almond cake

Some recipes stand the test of time, and this is definitely one of them.  It first appeared in Claudia Roden’s ‘A Book of Middle Eastern Food’ published back in 1968 and is still going strong.

We have a lot to thank Ms Roden for in fact.  She has helped expose us to the joys of Middle Eastern cooking with her sumptuous recipes and nod to the exotic.

The oranges make this cake exceptionally moist and for such a luxurious treat, it doesn’t require bags of ingredients.  Serve with a cup of tea or as a pudding.

Read Claudia Roden’s orange and almond cake recipe

Hairy Biker’s luscious lemon Swiss roll

The Hairy Bikers, aka Si King and Dave Myers, are perhaps not the kind of blokes you would expect to don a pinny and get busy in the kitchen.  They have proved us wrong, however, turning out scrumptious dishes left, right and centre.

Here, they add their own twist on a classic, using fresh lemon curd as the filling for a Swiss roll.  Their recipe makes one jar of curd so you can also use it to slather on toast or to sandwich together a couple of biscuits.

Once made, keep the lemon curd in the fridge and use within two weeks (which shouldn’t be hard!)

Read the Hairy Biker’s luscious lemon Swiss roll recipe

Bill Granger’s chocolate coconut slice

If you gave up chocolate for Lent, look away now! With this recipe, Aussie chef, Bill Granger, brings a hint of the exotic to the classic chocolate slice.  After all, chocolate and coconut have been friends for a long time.  Here they share the limelight in this tasty traybake.

Bill prides himself on making simple, delicious food and it doesn’t get much simpler than this.  Melt the butter, add everything together then sit back and wait for the compliments.

Read Bill Granger’s chocolate and coconut slice recipe

Kenny Atkinson’s brownies

There are as many brownie recipes out there as there are people wanting to eat them.  This one from Kenny Atkinson is a cinch to make and the raspberries as a lovely tang along with chunky pieces of chocolate nestled deep inside.

Even if you’ve tried brownie recipes before, we suggest trying this one – it is from a Michelin starred chef after all...

Kenny Atkinson’s brownie recipe


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