Martin Blunos is right to expose the violence of a Michelin-starred kitchen

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Two-starred chef Martin Blunos has revealed just how aggressive professional kitchens can be.

In an exclusive interview with, two-Michelin-star chef Martin Blunos has admitted he used to “slap” trainee chefs during heated moments in his kitchen. 

Exposing the violence that simmers under the surface of professional kitchens, he revealed that, if something went wrong in his kitchen, he wouldn’t have baulked at giving employees “a slap around the face”. 

‘In no other industry, can you be so aggressive, but in ours it seems ok, which is odd. Then you end up breeding like for like," explained Martin. 

‘I realise now it’s not big and it’s not clever. I’m less aggressive now with age. If something goes wrong now you tend to think perhaps that was my fault because I didn’t show or explain what I wanted, whereas before, I wouldn’t have a problem with giving someone a slap around the face.”

Pressure at the top 

The interview with writer Amy Davies shows just how much pressure top chefs are under to perform in professional kitchens, as they attempt to cope with the constant demand for complex new dishes and innovative ‘concept’ menus. 

For me, it also raises questions about just how far we expect our top chefs to go to prepare us the perfect meal.

I'd like to applaud Martin for speaking out about the violence that clearly goes on in the industry, as it is something I have long suspected.

We’ve all seen how rude celebrity chefs can be towards to amateur cooks and trainee chefs on the TV.

The fact that violence that goes on in hectic Michelin-starred kitchens therefore doesn't surprise me - it's high time that a top chef like Martin stood up and admitted that it actually happens.

Tell us what you think

What do you think?

Is this kind of behaviour understandable? How would you feel eating a meal that is absolutely delicious - if it turned out someone had been slapped in the process of making it for you? 

Are you even surprised to find this is the case?

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