The tastiest Christmas gifts for the foodie in your life

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Don't spend hours tracking down the gobblicious goods that any food lover would like to get for Christmas. We've got a whole lot of tasty treats right here

Chocolate overdose

A Gu pud is a good pud, but at individual size, they are just not big enough. Thankfully this festive season it has introduced the limited edition Gloriously Glam Raspberry and Chocolate bauble, an enormous Christmas decoration filled with luscious layers of raspberry compote, soft chocolate sponge, rich dark chocolate mousse and a topper of the signature ganache, with shards of sparkly chocolate to decorate. It serves eight, so even though you’re giving it away, there’s enough for everyone to have a taste. £15, available exclusively from Waitrose

Personalised liqueurs

Brandies and Baileys not your friends’ bag? Whatever their preferences you can get a bespoke liqueur made with flavours to suit even the most outlandish of tastes. Alchemist Dreams creates combinations you’d never come up with yourself. House flavours include blackberry, ginger and Szechuan pepper or a winter warmer of orange, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. Alternatively, you can mix your own, choosing a base fruit flavour and then accents of spices. Package it in one of their fancy rustic bottles and finish off with a personalised message. From £15,

Meat feast

Ideal for constant Christmas nibbling, the Todenham Manor Farm Breakfast Lunch and Dinner box comes packed with award-winning bacon, sausages, a gammon joint and a cut of 28-day aged beef, enough to take you right through a very food-rich day. The meat is all carefully reared, and this reflects in the taste, which chefs like Marco Pierre White and Bill Granger vouch for. £68,

Panettone with a twist

The recipe for Nudo Olive Oil panettone is over 100 years old and the only thing that’s changed is swapping out some of the butter for the company’s outstanding first cold press olive oil.  The incredibly fresh and pure olive oil makes the panettone more fluffy and delicious as well as beautifully moist. Plus the wrapping is very glam, making for a sexy gift. £15,

A lighter pud

A super stocking filler, the limited edition Christmas pudding flavour gourmet yoghurt from The Collective seem more just plain delicious than diet-conscious. Saying that, the thick and creamy Devon natural yoghurt mixed up with a festive fruit layer of whole raisins and Christmas spices is 95% fat free, as well as vegetarian and gluten free. Plus they’ve been working with Modern Pantry’s Anna Hansen to get the flavours just right. We think it’s almost as good as the real thing. £2.39, in supermarkets

Blow your mind

Ideal for men out to prove their bravado, Hot Headz chilli sauces guarantee to add a kick to your Christmas experience. The company makes Mad Dog 357, rated 11 out of 10 for spiciness and claiming to be the world’s hottest sauce. If you don’t think he can stand the heat, there’s a huge range of alternative hot sauces all with a heat rating, and most are under £5, perfect for a quick stocking filler. £3.99-£6.99,

A Christmas tipple

The latest seasonal offering from Sipsmith and a great alternative to sloe gin, Vintage Damson Vodka is a blend of spirit from the Hammersmith distiller, with juicy Dartmoor damsons. The result is a fruity drink that will warm the cockles on a frosty day, but can also be made into a chic cocktail with a slurp of champagne, for more glamorous Christmas occasions. £23.50,

Cheeky chocs

Branching his empire out into confectionary, Jamie Oliver’s range of chocolate bars have names to make you giggle, flavours to surprise and make funky delights to stash in a stocking. All organic and Fair Trade, there are five to choose from, including Light my Fire, with a hint of chilli, and Hello Sailor with a sprinkling of sea salt to sparkle on your taste buds. The packaging also looks fantastic and at £2, it’s a cheap treat. £2,

Spicy Christmas

If you can’t wait to give presents, the Tregothan chilli garland will work, because really it’s a Christmas decoration to be used before the big day. The twist is, it’s totally edible. Made of chillies, bay leaves and rosemary, the recipient can eat their way through it, adding flavour and spicing up their menus throughout the Christmas period. £46,

One jar cooking

Whip up a batch of pristine gingerbread men with minimal weighing or measuring, and just a bit of mixing. Scarlet Bakes limited edition Christmas gingerbread baking mix comes in a beautiful jar, with sugar, flour and all other ingredients layered perfectly inside. Just add a bit of butter and an egg and you’ll have enough dough for a 30-strong gingerbread troop (smarties buttons included), or a gingerbread house. £14.99,

Seafood treat

The Wright Brothers, specialists in oysters and seafood and known for their incredibly fresh produce, have released a luxury line of gourmet fishy products, ideal for a bit of seasonal indulgence. Not only are the potted shrimps, potted Dorset crab and mackerel pate resplendently flavourful, but they are also from sustainable sauces and look dapper in their parfait jars with retro labels. Accompanied with the tartar sauce and mayonnaise, the set would make any seafood lover’s day. £3.25-£8.99,

Say cheese (and lots of it)

A seriously good slice of British produce, the Great Sussex Cheese Slate from High Weald Dairy in the county’s Horsted Keynes is a truly artisanal experience. It features chunky wedges of five different varieties of award-winning cheese, including the Ashdown Foresters oak smoked, the semi-soft Saint Giles and the sheep’s milk Little Sussex with it’s bloomy white coat. There are Millers Damsels oat crackers and a jar of Ouse Valley Sussex chutney to compliment the main performers and it is all crammed onto a beautifully rustic slate cheeseboard. £35,

Olives to the rescue

A prime weapon to begin the war against Boxing day leftovers, Olives Et Al’s Everything But The Bird sauces box is packed with sauces and jellies that boost cold meats and leftovers to the heights of a newly gourmet experience. Alongside antipasti sundried tomatoes and peppers, the Dukkah will spice up leftover roast potatoes, sticky onion marmalade to add some zing to gravy, pink mojo dressing for your cold turkey, or if you’re all Christmas-fooded out, the company’s best-selling Putney sauce for a light pasta dish. £35,

Join the club

A gift only for true chocolate devotees, a membership for the Montezuma Real chocolate club translates into a monthly order of 600g of chocolate delivered to your door. Handy letterbox sized packages contain three bars of choccie, plus three sets of truffles. Flavours change monthly, expect varieties like Eton Mess truffles, apple crumble and milk truffles and milk chocolate bars with butterscotch and salted peanuts. You can fix your membership length or pick a rolling subscription to keep the truffles coming until you’ve had enough. £19.99 per month,


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