Which is best: roast or mashed potatoes?

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We reckon roasties and mash are the two best ways to use spuds. Find out why and tell us which you prefer.

Ah, the humble spud: so versatile, so full of goodness, and so much better when oil or butter are involved. When it comes to cooking potatoes, roasties and mash are two of the best ways to serve them. Sure there are jacket potatoes, boiled potatoes, and full-on potato dishes like dauphinoise and tortilla. But here at lovefood we feel that when it comes to the battle of Britain’s best use of spuds at home, it’s between these two carby contenders.

What about chips?

Yes, there's chips, but proper chips are seldom made at home these days, and we much lament the demise of the chip pan, oven chips being a poor simulacrum not worth the effort.

So with that out of the way, let’s look at the form of our two contenders.


Crisp, fluffy roasties gently crunching under the knife are as much a part of Sunday lunch as roast meat and Yorkshire pudding. They’re like a chip, but somehow much… classier.
Pros: Tasty, crunchy, and key ingredient in a Sunday roast.
Cons: Take a while to cook par-boiling and then in the oven, which hinders their mid-week appeal.

Dishes to serve with roasties

Liz McClarnon's roast leg of pork
Roast crown of mallard with an orange and redcurrant glaze
Roast shoulder of lamb


Mash is more everyman than the upper middle class roastie; think of the pie and mash shops of the East End of London. And don’t forget sausage and mash. What’s more it can top other ingredients, and is a key ingredient in everything from fish cakes to gnocchi.
Pros: Loved by all from babies to granny; has many other culinary uses.
Cons: Can end up a gloopy, lumpy mess.

Dishes that use mashed potatoes

Bryn Williams' braised chicken
Spicy paneer and spinach bites
Pan-fried chicken with mashed potato

So it's over to you. Let us know in which you prefer by voting in the poll below.


If you have any top tips for making either top-notch roasties or creamy, fluffy mash, let us know in the Comments section.

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