Cadbury launches Crispello chocolate aimed at women

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The new low-calorie product comes in three chunks - because ladies don't like bars, apparently.

Cadbury is launching its first entirely new chocolate bar since the early noughties (the Dream bar, if you're wondering). And the Crispello is aimed squarely at women.

The three-chunk low-calorie (165, compared to a Mars bar’s 260) mix of chocolate, cream and wafer will be “a lighter way to enjoy chocolate,” according to parent company Kraft’s press blurb.

And it’s packaged in a resealable wrapper (that's we found very hard to reopen) so ladies can just enjoy a little treat at a time. It goes on sale on Monday 8th.

Why this sexist focus on the female market? Well, sales of chocolate have fallen by 6.6% and women have been blamed for much of that decline.

Apparently, ladies are turned off by bars, which apparently demand to be eaten in one go, which is a no-no.

Other chocolate (demographic) chunks

But this isn’t Cadbury’s first foray into highly targeted marketing. There were those unforgettable Flake adverts from the 80s, including the women ignoring the phone (which you can watch below), aimed squarely at ladies.

And there was Fudge, which was “just enough to give your kids a treat” (and was packed with "Cadbury goodness" to boot).

But, of course, it was Nestle who took chocolate discrimination to a whole new level 10 years ago when its ad campaign for Yorkie first featured the slogan "It's not for girls" (watch a recent version of this below). However, I suspect any self-respecting woman wouldn't want to eat the anodyne chocolate in the shiny blue wrapper anyway.

What do you think of Cadbury's new bar? Sexist or sexy? Will you be buying it? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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