Can you beat £680 for takeaway?

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A cold and soggy £17.99 Domino's pizza was the most I've ever paid for a takeaway. one of the worst mistakes of my life. So how does Nicolas Sarkozy feel after blowing $1,000 on pizza-in-a-box?

Posh pizza

SarkozyIt happened at the weekend, when the ex-French president was in New York giving a speech to bankers from a Brazilian bank. During his stay, Sarkozy, his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and seven others visited Amaranth restaurant in the city’s Upper East Side for a spot of dinner, washed down with French red and Italian white wine.

It was during dinner that Sarkozy is said to have placed an extravagant takeaway order for pizza, which he and his bevvy of friends planned to eat on the plane home. Goodness knows what toppings they ordered (caviar and lobster?), but the bill came to $1,100 (just over £680) according to the New York Post’s page six column. Apparently it was Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy who ‘designed’ the pizza toppings, requesting a crisp crust and a soft cheese base.

How much have you paid?

I’m guessing it doesn’t approach the £680 mark, but how much have you ever spent on takeaway? And was it worth it? Talk to us in the comments box below, then check out our three favourite pizza recipes – it’s so much cheaper to make your own!

pizzaThis Turkish style vegetarian mushroom pizza is topped with mushrooms, red onion, cloves, pine nuts, spinach, tomatoes and an aromatic blend of spices. Plus the wholewheat flour crust is ever so slightly sweet, made as it is with a drizzle of honey.

pizzaOur gooiest pizza, piled high with grated mozzarella and vegetables. Jo Pratt’s broccoli and mozzarella creation tries to be healthy too with the addition of Tenderstem, button mushrooms, red pepper and chopped tomatoes.  Jo says it’s fine to cheat with a bought pizza base mix, too.

pizzaFancy pizza cooked by a MasterChef? Mat Follas gives Florentine a go, cleverly using a tortilla wrap as a makeshift base for tomatoes, spinach, eggs and a little pepper. This pizza is cheeseless, so a little less heavy on the stomach, too. Allow one poached egg per person.

Nicolas Sarkozy image courtesy of Aleph.

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