Low fat v original: cream cheese

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For this low fat v original taste test, we put full-fat cream cheese up against a lighter version. Which came out on top?

Cream cheese: Philadelphia OriginalPhiladelphia Light

The difference: a normal tub of Philadelphia contains 23% fat (of which 14% is saturates), while the ‘Light’ version (which is not even the lightest version that Philadelphia makes) contains 11.5% fat (of which 7.6% is saturates). The Light version has added citric acid and flavouring.

The test: six tasters tested the two varieties. They were not told beforehand what the difference between the varieties was, so it was a completely blind test.

The result: draw. There’s no winner here. Some preferred Original for its ‘lighter, less processed taste’ and ‘depth of flavour’, while others picked Light because of the ‘smoother texture’, ‘lower salt content’ and ‘spreadability’.

The conclusion: tricky. We’d probably go for Original to keep the solid texture and avoid the added ingredients, but you can save a lot of saturated fat by spreading Philadelphia Light instead. 

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