How to chop an onion

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Lovefood's Andrew shows us the best way to chop an onion.

1. Using a sharp knife, chop your onion (skin and all) in half lengthways, cutting through the root.

2. Peel off the outer leaves. 

3. Trim the head off one onion half, then turn your knife 90 degrees sideways. Cut into the onion sideways, right through the middle.

4. Turn the onion around to face you, and slice into it several times until you reach the end. 

5. Turn the onion away from you again, and slice across its length to give you finely diced onion pieces.

6. Repeat with the other onion half. 

Tip: don't chuck the onion roots away; instead, toss them into homemade stock for added flavour.

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