Britain's favourite Christmas lunch

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Prawn cocktail followed by roast turkey and Christmas pudding has been hailed as the nation's favourite three-course Christmas lunch menu.

The Average Christmas Dinner



Sayonara, sauces

Cranberry and bread sauce are both Christmas staples of the past, according to a poll conducted by British Turkey which asked 1,000 Brits what they eat for Christmas lunch.

Broccoli, cauliflower cheese and mashed potato also missed out on a 'top 10' spot, only making an appearance in just under half of all Christmas dinners. 

The classically British prawn cocktail was voted our favourite starter, with 31% of Brits tucking into one on Christmas Day. A quarter of us will instead go for smoked salmon, while a further one in four will tuck into a bowl of soup.

The dessert crown went to the ever-reliable Christmas pudding, with half of all respondents plumping for it. Chocolate log (23%) and trifle (23%) were popular alternatives.

In terms of tipples, white wine topped the table for one in three; red wine was the choice for 30%; and only one in five opted for champagne or a soft drink.

The average table will seat six guests, and most people will eat their Christmas lunch just before 3pm this year.


The perfect Christmas lunch

Click on the infographic (pictured above, top box) to enlarge it and learn more about what Britain will be eating this Christmas.


Prawn cocktail (31%)

Top 10 'main' dishes

Roast potatoes (85%)
Stuffing (82%)
Carrots (81%)
Pigs in Blankets (70%)
Turkey breast (61%)
Sprouts (67%)
Turkey gravy (62%)
Parsnips (60%)
Yorkshire Puddings (59%)
Peas (50%)


Christmas pudding (50%)


White wine (39%)

Will your Christmas lunch follow the above pattern? Or do you go for something completely different? Share you menu in the comments box below.

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