Taste test: organic v non-organic

20 June 2014 | 0 Comments

Does organically produced food really taste better than the conventional stuff? We put the question, along with some samples, to our colleagues.

Organic food is often purported to taste better than conventionally produced food. But when is a meatball just a meatball? We decided to find out using four different comparisons.


Two piles of Jazz Apple slices: one organic, one not. Each person tried both.

Four people preferred organic, one commenting that it was ‘juicier’ than the other slice. But six people preferred the non-organic slice, several saying that it was ‘sweeter’. And one person said that they couldn’t tell the difference at all!

Winner: non-organic


Only two people said that they preferred the organic beef meatball, with seven preferring the non-organic variety.

It should be pointed out that quite a few people said that the organic was too peppery, so it could be an issue with seasoning between the two (shop-bought) meatball packs. 

Winner: non-organic


Everyone preferred organic milk to non-organic milk, saying that it was sweeter and just generally better tasting.

Winner: organic


Nobody liked the organic eggs as much as the non-organic, saying that they didn’t have as much flavour, and the texture wasn’t as pleasant.

Winner: non-organic

Opinions, opinions…

Everyone has different opinions on what tastes good. This isn’t a scientific test, and shouldn’t be taken as such. But it’s interesting to see that non-organic trumped organic three times out of four.

For more on the organic debate, read 'Everything you shoul know about organic food'. Let us know what you prefer in the comments below.

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