Great Taste reveals Supreme Champion of 2014

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Find out which food product has triumphed in this year's Great Taste competition.

A whopping 10,000 products were entered into Great Taste 2014, and after endless tasting and judging, the Supreme Champion was named on 8th September at the awards dinner in London in front of 300 guests. 

This year's top prize went to Snowflake Luxury Gelato for its Raspberry Sorbetto.

Finding the best

John Farrand, Managing Director of the Guild of Fine Food (which organises Great Taste), said that this year’s competition was the biggest so far. The judges “had the task of finding the most exquisite food by blind tasting and conferring over each individual entry.” That’s a lot of taste tests and a lot of talk!

He said the Great Taste label is “recognisable, simple and clear” and is a quality mark that tells people they are purchasing the “most outstanding products” available.

The top 50 products of the contest and the food stars of 2014 were also announced recently.

Raspberry sorbetto

This year’s Great Taste Supreme Champion is a fat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free sorbetto, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It’s created with a massive 70% minimum of raspberries.Raspbery sorbetto

It was described by one of the judges as having the flavour of “the fruit, the leaf, the entire bush”, and by another as being “like a walk through a pick-your-own field.” One more enthusiastic judge exclaimed that it gave a “raspberry rush to the head.”

Snowflake’s Gelataio (gelato chef) makes sorbetto and gelato every day, using seasonal fruits to make a range of products.

Golden Forks

A separate category of prizes, the Golden Forks, are awarded to products which are outstanding in their region or a specific category of foods. This year, thyme honey from Ellopia Greek Foods won the 'ambient products' category, while Hannan Meats took the Northern Ireland award for its Moyallan Sweet Bacon Ribs. 

Womersley Foods took home the Nigel Barden Heritage Award for its Golden Raspberry and Apache Chilli Vinegar, and Jaffy's Mallaig Kippers from J Lawrie & Sons received the Scottish regional award.

Here's a full list of this year's winners

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