Cadbury discontinues chocolate coins right before Christmas!

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Sweet giant announces it will no longer be producing stocking filler favourite.

Cadbury has rather quietly admitted that it won’t be making chocolate coins any more.

The announcement came from the @CadburyUK Twitter account in response an enquiry from Telegraph journalist Harry Wallop.

And the product is conspicuously missing from the Christmas line-up on Cadbury’s product list.

Will you miss Cadbury’s coins?

As one of the UK’s most popular brands, Cadbury sharing treats such as Roses and Miniature Heroes often feature at Christmas.

Sadly the stocking filler part of that range is set to be ditched, which might upset some people as it’s often the first chocolate treat enjoyed by children on Christmas morning.

That said, Cadbury are only one of many producers who make chocolate coins and it’ll hardly be a struggle to find them elsewhere.

A publicity campaign

I am in two minds about this story. Part of me agrees that it’s a shame – despite the fact that I can easily get coins elsewhere – but I also suspect this is a PR stunt.

Cadbury's tweet

A Cadbury spokesman has been quoted in reports as saying that the wrapping was “fiddly” – an unconvincing reason, considering how long they've been made for – and without the 'Cadbury purple' on the product, it was hard to sell it amongst competitors.

Well, what better way to sell more than some free publicity?

By letting itself be ‘called out’ over Twitter, rather than just announcing the change itself, Cadbury has managed to secure stories about their disappearing coins in most of the major UK newspapers – it even took a front page spot in the Daily Telegraph.

And call me a Grinch, but I reckon they'll be back in the shops by mid- to late November.

Demand will grow (cue Facebook ‘campaign’ pages and Twitter hashtag bombardments), and we’ll see Cadbury ‘cave to the pressure’, generating lots of Christmas goodwill in the process.

Do you think this is for real? Will you miss Cadbury’s coins if they really are being withdrawn? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.

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